TitroLine® alpha plus

    Model: TitroLine®alpha plus
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TitroLine® alpha plus

The TitroLine® alpha plus is a compact, flexible, very robust automatic titrator for universal use. The large graphic display with live curve gives information about the progress of a titration in real time. Use the TitroLine® alpha plus for simple acid-base endpoint titrations (EP) such as the determination of total acid in wine also for non aqueous titrations such as the determination of acid and base number in petroleum products. Of course the TitroLine® alpha plus is the right tool for other applications such as argentometric- , redox-, complexometric-, pH stat-, Karl-Fischer (KF) titrations and other bi-amperometric applications such as bromine no. - and more.

Special features:

  • connection of up to 5 piston burettes for titration and dispensing
  • 100 preprogrammed standard titration methods
  • 50 customized methods
  • 8 standand formulas and a formula editor
  • titration up to 3 endpoints (EP) and 5 equivalence points (EQ)
  • 1, 5, 10, 20 and 50 ml exchangeable units
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Detailed Information
TitroLine® alpha plus and T 110 plus
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