ZHUOMAO X6600 - 電子部品用2016最新X線検査機

  • 生産者: ZHUOMAO
    Model: X6600
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    ホットライン: (+84) 968060220
    電話番号: +84 (24)62923267

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Manufacture: ZHUOMAO
Model: X6600
Made in: China

X-RAY launch tube
Tube type: Closed X-ray tube
Maximum tube voltage: 130kV
Maximum tube current: 0.2mA
Focal size: 5 um
Image speed: 35 fps   
Resolution: 4096*3804     
Slope angle: Stage 360°Rotation,Detector 70 ° inclined,Easily detect BGA welding
Cabinet Specifications
Dimension (LxWxH):  1350 x 1500 x 1650 mm
Net weight: 1200kg
Input voltage: AC 110-220V
Operating system: Windows XP/7
Total power: 1.5Kw


Object Stage Control                                               
1. by the spacebar to adjust stage speed: slow, constant and fast speed
2. Keyboard control X, Y, Z three-axis motion and inclined angle 
3. The user can control the stage speed and angle programmatically

Standard Configuration                                              

Name QTY Unit Remark
Closed X Tube 1 Pcs (90KV-130KV)
Object Stage 1 Pcs Size: 680mm*540mm
Flat Panel Detector 1 Pcs With large size

Full Automatic BGA Testing Procedures                                  
1. A simple mouse click programming without the need for operator intervention on the component can detects each BGA automatically.
2. Automatic BGA test, accurately check the bridge, Welding, cold welding and void ratio of BGA.
3. Automatic BGA test repeatable test results in order to process control
4. The test results will be displayed on the screen and can be output  to Excel to facilitate review and archiving

NC Programming                                          
1.A simple mouse clicks operation write test procedures
2.The stage can be X, Y director positioning; X-ray tube and detector Z positioning.
3.Software setting voltage and current
4.Image settings: brightness, contrast, auto gain and exposure
5.The user can set the program switch pause time
6.Anti-collision system can meet the maximum tilt and observe objects