Aaronia PBS 2 (프로브 세트 / EMC 스니퍼 세트 PBS 2 (DC-9GHz)

  • 생산업체: AARONIA
    Model: PPBS 2
    • 견적요구 견적요구
  • Price (exclude tax) 74,196,032 VND
    Price (include tax) 81,615,635 VND
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    핫라인: (+84) 969950220

    전화번호+84 (24) 62923267

Frequency range Field Probes: DC-9GHz
Dimensions of case (L/W/D): (300x190x70) mm
Weight PBS1 (case incl. probes): 2000gr
1 x 50mm magnetic field probe
1 x 25mm magnetic field probe
1 x 12mm magnetic field probe
1 x 6mm magnetic field probe
1 x E-field probe
Pre-amplifier with power supply 
1m SMB-to-SMA Cable
Pistol grip with tripod function
Transport case with paddings
Exhaustive manual 
Power Converter Excel files on CD
Power Converter App for iPhone & iPad 
(Download via Apple Store)

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Option: 3m SMA-to-SMB Cable

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