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    Model: T8
    보증: 12 month
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Application: Moisture measurement of thin, flat, curved, solid or semi-rigid material.

Measuring range: 0-35%

Handheld, using rechargeable batteries

Measured directly onto the surface

Method of measurement: radio frequency

Display: Analog

Power supply: 220VAC


Model T8: Thin Materials Moisture Meter

The Model T8 uses the Radio Frequency Capacitance Method to measure the moisture content of products. It operates from a single rechargeable NI-Cad battery. It gives the operator average moisture content down to a penetration of 1/8 to 1/4 of an inch. The electrode has three concentric rings that cover an area 3 inches in diameter. Complete with Rechargeable Battery, Carrying Case and Operating Instructions Book.

Product Description

The Model V veneer moisture meter is calibrated for 48 hard and soft woods in the 0 to 25% moisture range and has dials for specific woods. The Model V is ruggedly constructed, lightweight, easy to use, has solid state circuitry and is accurate to 1/8” penetration. The molded plastic handle with spring loaded switch bar permits testing with either hand. The electrode on it is surrounded by a steel ring to provide protection against static.

It employs the radio frequency power loss absorption principle which is a patented feature of Finna Group products. The instrument projects an RF field into the test area and then measures the signal loss relative to the conductivity of a dry sample. The numerical scale reading is converted to moisture content percent by means of an established calibration chart or curve for the material being tested.

Key Model V veneer moisture meter features:
  • Numerical Scale
  • Built-in Standard and Trimmer for quick, on the job calibration checking and adjustment if necessary
  • Zero Point Adjustment Knob

Additional Information



Pin Feature


Contact Feature


Measurement Method

Radio Frequency

Reading Feature



115 VAC, 220 VAC


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