HAIDA HD-A505 종이 박스 압축 시험 장비

  • 생산업체: HAIDA
    Model: HD-A505
    출처: China
    보증: 12 month
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Manufacturer: Haida
Model: HD-A505
Warranty: 12 month
Made in China

Model : HD-A501-800
Unit (switchable): Kg, Lb, N
Capacity (optional): 2T
Load Resolution: 1/100,000
Stroke (exclude the grips): 400 mm
Load Accuracy: ≤0.5%
Test Space (L×W×H): 800×1000×1000mm
Speed of Compression: 10 ± 3 mm/min
Operation Mode: PC
Report Items: Serial number, Peak value, Average value, Designated holding pressure value; all memorable
Structure: AC Frequency Conversion Motor ( Taiwan);Imported screw rod ;4 sensors; LED display
Dimension (L×W×H): 2370×1500×2100mm (can be custom made)
Power: 1ø, 220v/ 50Hz
Weight: Approx. 850kg
Safety Devices: Overload protection, overvoltage protection & limited position protection device
Standard: TAPPI-T804, JIS-20212, GB4857.3.4, ASTM-D642


1.About the machine:
Paper Box Compression Testing Equipments is a professional carton compression testing machine used to test the performance for corrugated boxes, pressure honeycomb panels, Zhitong, cartons, paper, cans, and other containers, strain, stacking, compression testing

2.Design criteria: TAPPI-T804,JIS-20212,GB4857.3.4, ASTM-D642, QB/T1048, BS EN ISO 12048, GB/T4857.16, GB/T8167, GB/T8168, GB/T4857.3,GB/T4857.4

_ The system adopts microcomputer control, with PVC panel, the test process automatically
_ To provide four kinds of test methods: constant pressure measuring deformation; given deformation measuring resistance to pressure; maximum crushing force; stacking
_ LED digital display screen dynamically displays the specimen number, the specimen deformation, real-time pressure and the initial pressure
_ A system with a single-phase power, the drag from the DC to ensure the adjustable test speed, accuracy, and stability
_ Limit travel protection, overload protection, and fault tips, intelligent configuration to ensure safe operation of the user
_ The ultra-lightweight design, can be adapted to a variety of floor load requirements
_ Equipped with micro-printer for data printout


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