INSIZE 3661-55 고정밀 비회전 스핀들 디지털 마이크로 미터 (25-55mm; ±2μm )

  • 생산업체: INSIZE
    Model: 3661-55
    출처: China
    보증: 12 month
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Carbide measuring faces

Data output

Button fuction: mm/inch, max./min. value tracking, preset value, hold, on/off, zero

CR2032 battery

Automatic power off, turn the sleeve to turn on


Resolution: 0.01mm/0.0005", 0.001mm/0.00005", 0.0005mm/0.00002"

Repeatability: 0.5μm

Measuring force: 5-10N

Flatness of measuring faces: 0.3μm;

Parallelism of measuring faces: 0.5μm

Optinal accessary: setting standards (code 7386), data output cable (code 7305-A03, 7305-SPC4, 7306-80)

Range: 25-55mm/.98-2.17"

Accuracy: ±2μm 

Length: 63mm


Ratchet stop

Non-rotating spindle, suitable for cylinders

Quick measurement: one turn of sleeve or ratchet stop makes 2mm spindle feed


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