Palintest PTW10005 멀티 인디케이터 수질 분석 키트

  • 생산업체: Palintest
    Model: PTW10005
    출처: United Kingdom
    보증: 12 month
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Potatest Incubator

- Test Protocols: 37°C and 44°C temperature selections. User selectable time profie, automatic resuscitation period profile

- Temperature Stability: ±0.1°C

- Temperature Control: Laser-trimmed thermistor pair with automatic temperature validation

- User Interface: On screen and audible prompts (incubator only) available in English, French, Spanish and Chinese (Simplified).

- Data Log: Last five incubation cycles performance report

- Connectivity: Micro-USB connection to Windows and Android devices for data download

- Size & Weight: 110 x 123 x 145 mm, 690g

- Power Supply: Replaceable lead acid battery with mains, vehicle and external charging options

- Power Consumption: High thermal efficiency heating system, 5 full cycles from a fully charged battery

Potatest Kit 

- Microbiological Capacity: Sigle incubators with consumables for 200 tests for Thermotolerant/Faecal Coliforms or Total Coliforms. Optional Nutridisk capability for additional parameters including Faecal Streptococci and E. coli

- Physico-Chemical Parameters: Free and Total Chlorine, Turbidity, pH Additional parameters available.

- Size & Weight: 464 x 366 x 176 mm, 9 kg


PTW10005 Potatest+

Wagtech Potatest+ kit comprising:

• Wagtech Incubator with standard test protocols and audible prompts, petri dish racks, high performance Lead Acid battery with capacity for at least 5 cycles per charge, mains charger with international adaptors, vehicle socket battery power lead, crocodile clip power leads.

• Membrane Filtration assembly, bronze disc, pistol grip vacuum pump with no-kink silicone tubing, 5 Media Measuring Devices (MMDs), 38.1g Membrane Lauryl Sulfate Broth, 5 Pasteur pipettes, hand lens, forceps, 20 Aluminium re-usable petri dishes, 200 sterilised and sealed membrane filters, 200 absorbent pads, absorbent pad dispenser, steel sampling cup, sampling cable.

• Polypropylene 250 mL beaker, quick start prompt cards, sterilisable integrated work surface. Contour Comparator and discs, 4 comparator cuvettes, comparator reagents for 250 tests for Free and Total Chlorine. Double length Turbidity Tube. Pocket pH Sensor and pH calibration buffers. Cuvette brush, Dilution tube, crush/stir rods, De-ion pack, instructions





• Removable water safety kit (WSK) – contains instruments and visual test equipment to determine whether a full microbiological verification is required

• Rapid field microbiological analysis – using membrane filtration protocols for screening of faecal and/or total coliforms.

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