Rigol DS6104 디지털 오실로스코프 (1Ghz, 5GSa / s, 4 채널)

  • 생산업체: RIGOL
    Model: DS6104
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Bandwidth 1GHz
Sample Rate Up to 5 GSa/s
Channels 4
Memory 140 Mpts(Std.)
Waveform capture rate Up to 180,000 waveforms per second,
Real Time Waveform Record, Replay & Analysis(Std. up to
200,000 frames)
Innovative “UltraVision” technology
A variety of Trigger functions and Automatic measurements
with statistics
Support serial bus trigger(Std.) and decoding(Opt.)
Dedicated data search knob“ WaveFinder ”
Battery Option (China Only)
Complete Connectivity: USB, LAN(LXI-C), VGA, AUX, GPIB(Option)
Built-in 1 GBytes Flash Memory
10.1 inch WVGA(800X480) Display
Memory Depth:
single-channel: Auto, 14k pts, 140k pts, 1.4M
pts, 14M pts and 140M pts are available
dual-channel: Auto, 7k pts, 70k pts, 700k pts,
7M pts and 70M pts are available
Maximum input: Maximum Input Voltage of the Analog Channel
CAT I 300 Vrms, CAT II 100 Vrms,
Standard Ports: USB DEVICE, two USB HOST ports, LAN,
VGA Output, 10 MHz Input/Output, Aux output
( TrigOut,Fast, GND, PassFail, Calibration)
Power Voltage 100-120 V/50Hz/60Hz/400Hz
100-240 V/50 Hz/60Hz
Size: Width×Height×Depth =
399.0 mm×255.3 mm×123.8 mm
Weight: 5.3 kg± 0.2 kg
Standard Accessories: Power Cord conforming to the standard of the country
Front Panel Cover
USB Data Cable
600MHz BW Passive Probe,4 sets for 4 channel models,2 sets for
2 channel models
1.5GHz BW Passive Probe,2 sets for DS6104,1 set for DS6102
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