Siemens Micromaster 430 인버터, 380V-90KW, 6SE6430-2UD38-8FA0

  • 생산업체: SIEMENS
    Model: 6SE6430-2UD38-8FA0
    • 견적요구 견적요구
  • Price (exclude tax) 96,115,000 VND
    Price (include tax) 105,726,500 VND
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Applications: Pumps, fans, load torque change
Inverter power90 KW.
Power supply: 3 phase 380-480V, 45-63Hz.
The frequency range0.1 - 650 Hz.
6 programmable digital inputs.
2 analog inputs.
2 analog outputs0 - 20mA.
No built-in EMC filter.
Dimensions H x W x D850 x 350 x 320.
Output relay3.
Method of controlV / fsquared V / f;
   multi-point V / f control information flow from FCC.
Overload capability11060s1403s.
Serial communication portsRS-485, operating with the USS protocol.
ProtectionLow voltageover voltage, overload, earth fault, short circuit, over temperature ...
Communication: Profibus, Device Net, CANopen.
IP 20.

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