VELP UDK129 반자동 저장 단백질 기계

  • 생산업체: VELP
    Model: UDK129
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Technical Features
- The storage protein equipped with demineralized steam generator, creating maximum safety and does not require much maintenance.
- NaOH is added as required with a volumetric pump by weighing graduations.
- Cooling water will automatically interrupt their stay, to minimize the amount of cooling water.
- The device is equipped with a system of identification when canister samples, not including the pump.
- The cooling system of Velp welding students have been changed by the rapid cooling Titanium ensure maximum reduction of cooling water generator replacement parts welding glass of condensation.
- Equipment is made to TEMS technology saves operating costs and easy installation.
- Meets: AOAC, EPA, DIN, ISO
- The structure of epoxy coated stainless steel storage has been studied for the test instruments shall be possible corrosion of secondary chemicals and drugs.
- Short-time storage
- LCD display which shows the parameters after installation and during storage.
- The process of adding NaOH from the outside automatically when required
- Time to take from 0-99 minutes or continuous.
- Recovery rate: 99.5%.
- Repeatability: ± 1%
- Water consumption: 0.5 l / min at 15oC and 1 l / min at 30C.
- Total output power: 2100W
- Voltage used: 220-230V/50Hz
- Weight: 25kg
- Dimensions: 385x780x416 mm
HP provides include: main unit, the standard accessories for machine operation, user manual, sample preparation methods and the determination of nitrogen in various compounds.

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