Lò nung nhiệt độ cao Nabertherm HT 276/18 (1800°C, 276 lít)

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Hãng sản xuất: Nabertherm
Model: HT 276/18
Xuất xứ: Đức
Bảo hành: 12 tháng

Nhiệt độ Max: 1800°C
Hệ điều khiển: P470
Kích thước buồng nung (WxDxH) mm: 500x1000x550
Kích thước ngoài (WxDxH) mm: 1140x1470x1900
Dung tích (lít): 276
Công suất (kW): 36
Điện áp: 3 pha
Trọng lượng (Kg): 1100

Chi tiết


HT 04/16 - HT 450/18
Due to their solid construction and compact stand-alone design, these high-temperature furnaces are perfect for
processes in the laboratory where the highest precision is needed. Oustanding temperature uniformity and practical
details set unbeatable quality benchmarks. For configuration for your processes, these furnaces can be extended
with extras from our extensive option list.
„Tmax 1600 °C, 1750 °C, or 1800 °C
„Working temperature 1750 °C (for models HT ../18), increased wear and tear must be expected in case of working
at higher temperatures
„Furnace sizes from 4 to 450 liters
„High-quality molybdenum disilicide (MoSi2) heating elements
„Parallel swivel door, chain-guided, enabling safe opening and closing without damage to the fiber insulation in the
collar area, protection of user from radiation from the furnace
„Two-door design for high-temperature furnaces> HT 276/..
„Door labyrinth sealing provides for optimum energy efficiency and temperature uniformity
„Door area armored with stainless steel to avoid burn damages
„Reinforced floor as protection for bottom insulation as standard from models HT 16/16 upwards
„Over-temperature limiter with manual reset for product and furnace protection
„Furnace chamber lined with first-class, durable fiber material
„Special ceiling construction with high durability
„Thermocouple, PtRh-Pt, Type B or Type S
„Vapor vent in the furnace roof
„Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions
„Controls description see page 60

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