Lò nung Nabertherm N 17/HR (1280°C, 17 lít)

  • Hãng sản xuất: NABERTHERM
    Model: N 17/HR
    Xuất xứ: Đức
    Bảo hành: 12 tháng
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    Đà Nẵng: (0236) 3 74 77 11

    TP.HCM: (028) 38.119.636

Nhiệt độ Max : 1280°C
Hệ điều khiển: B400
Kích thước buồng nung (WxDxH) mm: 250x500x140
Kích thước ngoài (WxDxH) mm: 770x900x570
Dung tích (lít): 17
Công suất (kW): 6.4
Điện áp: 3 pha
Thời gian nung: 120 phút
Trọng lượng (Kg): 90

Chi tiết


N 7/H - N 87/H
To withstand harsh use in the laboratory, e.g. when heat-treating metals, robust insulation with light
refractory bricks is necessary. The N 7/H - N 87/H models are a perfect fit to solve this problem.
The furnaces can be extended with a variety of accessories, like annealing boxes for operation under
protective gas, roller guides, or a cooling station with a quench tank. Even high-performance applications like the
annealing of titanium in medical applications can be implemented without the use of expensive and complicated
annealing systems.
„Tmax 1280 °C
„Three-sided heating from both sides and the bottom
„Heating elements on support tubes ensure free heat radiation and a long service life
„Bottom heating protected by heat-resistant SiC plate
„Multi-layer insulation with high-quality lightweight refractory bricks in the furnace chamber
„Exhaust opening in the side of the furnace, or on back wall of furnace in the N 31/H models and higher
„Models N 7/H - N 17/HR are designed as tabletop models
„Base included with model N 31/H and up
„Parallel swinging door which opens downward, or upward upon request
„Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions
„Controls description see page 60

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