Máy đo áp suất PCE-932 (0 ~ 400 bar)

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Khoảng đo: 0 ~ 400 bar (phụ thuộc vào sensor)
Lựa chọn các đơn vị đo: bar, psi, kg/cm2, mm/Hg, inch/Hg, meter/H2O, inch/H2O, atm
Kết nối sensor: 5V DC, Đầu ra cực đại sensor là 100 mV DC (có thể xem ở khoảng đo bên dưới).
Cài đặt điểm 0: Sử dụng phím
Tự động tắt: Có
Các tính năng: Đo áp suất, giá trị cực đại, cực tiểu, giữ số liệu, truyền dữ liệu thông qua cổng RS-232.
Tính năng tự động tắt: Có
Tốc độ đo: Cứ 0.8 giây một lần
Màn hình: LCD: 52 x 38 mm

Cung cấp kèm theo cảm biến áp suất PS-100-20 (20 Bar)

Hãng sản xuất: PCE ANH
Bảo hành: 12 tháng

 Pressure Gauge PCE-932
Pressure Gauge with external sensors for ranges up to  400 bar / SD memory card / RS-232 interface and optional software for real time data transference / diverse units can be selected

The Pressure Gauge with its durable design is used to measure high pressure ranges in industry or research and development. This digital Pressure Gauge can be connected to pressure sensors with ranges up to 400 bar (each with a 1.2m connecting cable). The built-in interface RS-232 is mainly used in the development sector for direct data transference to a PC (with optional cable for the PC and software). Besides, with the PCE-932 Pressure Gauge it is possible to store measured values in the SD without the help of any additional software. The RS-232 interface allows for data to be transferred to a computer (this required optional software and data cable). The software is compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME and XP (some information in: Pressure Gauge). The Pressure Gauge comes calibrated from the factory, but a laboratory calibration certificate, such as the DIN ISO 9000, can be ordered separately. 


Pressure Meter PCE-932 user´s manual.  EC certificate for the Pressure Meter PCE-932  Video for the Pressure Meter PCE-932  Specifications for the Pressure Meter PCE-932  

Manometer PCE-932

 Note: Pressure sensors must be order separately.

- Measures system pressure in all the media.

- Up to a max. of 400 bar (depending on the connected sensor).

- No calibration required when changing the sensor.

- Different measuring units

- Data-Hold function

- Excellent relation price / quality

- Memory in the SD card (up to 16 GB)
- High accuracy

- Values are stored in Excel format in the SD 
  card (any software is required).

- RS-232 interface for real time data   

- Low battery indication

- Backlit LCD display

- Adjustable measurement rate

- Powered by batteries or via the mains

- Easy-to-use

Pressure Meter PCE-932 connection

Manometer PCE-932

Fields if use

The Pressure Meter has a wide range of uses, such as in:
 - hydraulics, compressor systems and pumps
 - the chemical sector for process checking, measurements in tanks or sillos
 - the manufacturing sector or the plastics industry
 - research and development
- general for testing and optimizing processes

Technical Specifications

Measurement range

0 to 400 bar (depending on the sensor)

Selectable units

bar, psi, kg/cm2, mm/Hg, inch/Hg,
meter/H2O, inch/H2O, atmosphere

Pressure connector

optional, 5V DC, maximum output of sensor is100 mV DC (see ranges below)

Zero reset

by way of keypad

Auto shut-off

yes (this function can be disabled)


measurement of pressure, Min and Max HOLD, data transfer to a computer via RS-232 interface

Auto shut-off

to conserve battery power (can be disabled)

Rate of measurement

approx. every 0.8 seconds


LCD display: 52 x 38 mm


SD card up to 16 GB (a 2 GB card is included)


ABS plastic


optional (only for real time data transference)

Low battery indication

indicated on the display

Power supply

6 x 1,5 V AA batteries
mains cable (option)


177 x 68 x 45 mm


350 g

Operating temperature

0 to 50°C

Operating humidity

0 to 80% r.h.

Use of the PCE-932 Pressure Gauge

Manometer PCE-932 in use.

Delivery contents

PCE-932 Pressure Gauge and user manual (the sensors can be ordered from the list of optional accessories below)

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