Máy khò linh kiện QUICK 957DW+

  • Hãng sản xuất: QUICK
    Model: 957DW+
    Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc
    Bảo hành: 12 tháng
    • Yêu cầu báo giá Yêu cầu báo giá
  • Giá (chưa thuế) 1,955,200 VND
    Giá (bao gồm thuế) 2,150,720 VND
  • Có sẵn: 10 Cái
  • Gọi để có giá tốt

     TP. Hà Nội: (024) 35.381.269

     TP. Đà Nẵng: (023) 63.747.711

    TP. HCM: (028) 38.119.636

Màn hình: LED, chỉ báo quá nhiệt

Công suất tiêu thụ: 580W

Bơm: Soft vortex air (Quạt không chổi than)

Lưu lượng khí: 50 l / min

Dải nhiệt độ điều chỉnh: 100°C-450°C

Chi tiết



*Sensor closed loop, power, rapid heating, temperature accuracy and stability, without the impact of wind capacity. Desoldering chips, control easily.
*System with automatic cold air function,Prolong the life of the heating element and the protection of the hot air gun.
*Japan imported motor, soft rotating wind, air volume infinitely adjustable.
*Can adapt to a variety of uses, desoldering shield tail plug inline seat, plastic components, etc. can easily deal with.
*The handle is equipped with sensitive sensors, used with that, that put basis, operating handy.
*Compact design and small footprint.
*Hot air gun can be used to melt material or softening coatings, plastic, applicable to remove old paint film, remove non-dry tape, bending plastic tube, and outfit floor tile, heat shrinkable packaging film, mobile *phone service, car decoration, refrigerator defrosting purposes. At the same time, in use process as long as the choice of appropriate temperature and the best distance, not to other objects have undesirable effect, it will provide you decorate a project to provide the best help and satisfactory results.

*Hand-held hot air guns, to blow welding memory particles best effect
*Suitable soldering for:SOIC,CHIP,QFP,PLCC,BGA

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