Thiết bị thử độ cứng bê tông SJJW HT-225 (10 ~ 60Mpa, 2.207J)

Dải kiểm tra : 10 ~ 60Mpa
Lực tác động chuẩn : 2.207J (0.225Kgf.m)
Hành trình : 75mm
Lực ma sát trượt : 0.5N ~ 0.8N
Bán kính mặt cầu của đầu đo SR : 25mm ± 1mm
Giá trị nảy lại trung bình trên đầu đo thép Rm: 80±2
Chỉ thị kim
Kích thước : F54*278mm
Trọng lượng : ˜1KG
Phụ kiện : Máy đo, HDSD

Chi tiết

Brief introduction:
The test confirm to submit to standard of GB/T9138-1988 and JJG817-93 and JGJ/T23-2001. Hyaline test hammer is applied to test the compressive strength of building concrete components, bridge and so on,Especially design for university teaching and training institution usage.
1)Center rod is made from imported material, high accuracy and durable resistance.
2)The shell is made form high Aluminum or high polymer material in order to perfect protect instrument from damage and extend use life.
3)Pointer slider is outside structure, its friction can be balance well and easy to be adjusted so that we can make sure that the instrument is accurate. Compared with other suppliers in this line of business, it possess high accuracy, good quality, best price and longer use life.


Test range: 10~60Mpa
Standard impact energy: 2.207J(0.225Kgf.m)
Stroke of rebound hammer: 75mm
Friction of pointer slider: 0.5N~0.8N
Sphere radius of rebound pole SR: 25mm±1mm
Average rebound value on steel anvil Rm: 80±2
Size: Φ54*278mm
Weight: ≈1KG

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