3M SH-22-E1 超声波硬度计 (10N (Approx. 1kgf))

Indenter: Micro Vickers diamond indenter

Indenting force: 10N (Approx. 1kgf)

Measuring range:

 Vickers hardness: 100 - 1000HV

 Rockwell C hardness: 10.0 - 70.0HRC

 Rockwell B hardness: 60.0 - 100.0HRB

 Shore hardness: 20.0 - 100.0HS

 Brinell hardness: 85 - 550HBW


 Vickers hardness: ± (3%rdg)HV

 Rockwell C hardness: ±1.0HRC

 Rockwell B hardness: ±2.0HRB

 Shore hardness: ±1.0HS

 Brinell hardness: ± (3%rdg)HBW

Nonlinearity: 200 to 1000HV ± (5%rdg)HV (Measuring on standard hardness block)

Allowable measuring angle: Within 3%


 Scale conversion: HV, HRC, HRB, HS, HBW, 1N/mm²

Display of measured value: 4 disits

Unit of digital display1: HV, 0.1HRC, 0.1HRB, 0.1HS, 1HBW, 1N/mm²

Power supply: AC adapter (100-240V), or rechargeable lithium ion battery

Operating temperarure: 0 - 50 C°


 Display unit: 97mm(W)×170mm(H)×50mm(D)

 Probe head diameter:

  20mm (With grip)

  8mm (Without grip)

 Probe length: 195mm

 Carrying case: 389mm (W)×132mm (H)×200mm (D)


 Display unit: Approx. 405g

 Probe: Approx. 270g

Data memory: 200 data

Output: Data output in ASCII code from RS-232C socket

Standard configuration:

1 Display unit

1 Probe (with grip)

1 Probe cable (1.5m)

1 Hardness standard block: around 55HRC, (For SH-22-S005: around 600HV)

1 AC adapter

1 Recharger

1 Lithium ion battery

1 Carrying case

1 Instruction manual

1 test report

1 guarantee card 


Standard hardness block around HV600 (included in standard configuration of SH-22-S005)/around 50HS/around 300HBW

Measuring stand (SH-P07)

Thermal printer (DPU-S245, with connecting cable)

Printer paper in roll

Stand for main unit (SH-P03)

Grip*³, Nosepiece for narrower area



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