Aaronia SPECTRAN HF-XFR PRO 坚固的室外频谱分析仪(9,4GHz)

  • Frequency range: 1MHz (9kHz with Option 900) to 9,4GHz
  • DANL: -170dBm(1Hz)
  • Max. power: +20dBm (opt. +40dBm)
  • Lowest sample time: 5mS
  • Resolution (RBW): 200Hz to 50MHz
  • EMC filter: 200Hz, 9kHz, 120kHz, 200kHz, 1,5MHz, 5MHz
  • Units: dBm, dBµV, V/m, A/m, W/m²
    dBµV/m, W/cm² etc.
  • Detectors: RMS, Min/Max
  • Demodulator: AM, FM, PM, GSM
  • Low noise Preamp: Integrated
  • Input: 50 Ohm SMA RF-input (f)
  • Accuracy: +/- 1dB (typ.)
  • Dimensions (L/W/D): 257x353x56 mm
  • Weight: 5kg


- Option 900 (9kHz Frequency Extension)
  Frequency extension from 9 kHz (instead of 1MHz) for HF-HF-XFR. New usable frequency range: 9 kHz to 9.4 GHz.
- Option 205 (10GHz Realtime Peak POWER-METER)
  Transforms the HF-XFR to a broadband, realtime Peak POWER-METER incl. superfast TIME DOMAIN display.
- Option 015 (Audio Signal Tracker)
   Acoustic playback of the signal strength (Geiger-counter-effect). Option 015 allows a fast and convenient locating of signal sources. Perfectly suitable for signal pinpointing, finding hidden transmitters or aligning antennas. +
- Option 022 (Low-noise external 40dB Preamplifier)
   Expands the measurement range up to 40dB. A MUST HAVE for a EN55011, EN55022 or EN50371 EMC-Test. Strongly recommended for measurements in the lower frequency range (up to 1GHz).
- Option 800 (8GHz - 10dB Sensitivity Extension)
   Internal hardware upgrade to increase the sensitivity (lower noise floor) of the HF-XFR by an average of 10dB (max. 15dB) between 8GHz and 9.4GHz. Produces slightly higher noise at 1GHz, not recommended for EN tests without UBBV2 preamplifier.
- Option DC Car Adapter
   DC Car Adapter for SPECTRAN HF-XFR PRO. Allows continuous operation or recharge the battery via the car cigarette lighter adapter.
Option Anten:
-  OmniLOG 30800 (300MHz - 8GHz)
- OmniLOG 70600 (680MHz - 6GHz)
Option Probe:
- Probe Set / EMC Sniffer Set PBS 1 (DC - 9GHz)
- Probe Set PBS 2 (incl. Preamplifier)
Option  accessory:
- DC-Blocker (SMA)
- 20dB Attenuator (DC-18GHz)
- Calibration Certificate
- SMA Cable 1m with mounting wrench
- SMA Cable 5m with mounting wrench
- SMA Cable 10m with mounting wrench
- RF Satellite Test Probe (5MHz - 2,5GHz)

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