AARONIA NF-5035 电磁兼容EMC频谱分析 (1Hz – 30Mhz)

  • Frequency range:
    1Hz to 1MHz (20/30MHz with Option 008/010)
  • Magnetic field (Tesla):
    1pT to 500µT (typ. at 50Hz) expandable up to an amount of Tesla with PBS1
  • Magnetic field (Gauss):
    10nG to 5G (typ. at 50Hz)
  • Electric field:
    0,1V/m to 5kV/m (typ. at 50Hz)
  • Analog Input:
    200nV to 200mV (typ.)
  • Incl. Option 005 (12Bit Dual DDC Frequency Filter)
  • Resolution (RBW):
    0,3Hz to 1MHz (1-3-10 step)
  • Units: V, V/m, T, G, A/m
  • Detectors: RMS, Min/Max
  • Demodulator: AM, FM
  • Input: High impedance SMA input (f)
  • Audio: Internal speaker with volume control and 2,5mm jack
  • Accuracy: 3% (typ.)
  • Interface: USB 2.0/1.1
  • Dimensions (L/W/D): 250x86x27 mm
  • Weight: 420gr
  • Warranty: 10 years


  • Integrated 3D (isotropic) magnetic sensor
  • Data Logger (64K), expandable to 1MB (Option 001)
  • Exposure limit calculation according to DIN/VDE 0848
  • Enhanced and much sharper LCD display
  • Jog Dial for easy usage of menu operation and volume control
  • Simultaneously displays frequency and signal strength
  • Internet flash software updates
  • Real-time remote control via USB
  • Fast FFT/DFT spectrum analysis
  • Hold function
  • High-performance DSP (Digital Signal Processor)
  • Large, high resolution multifunctional LCD
  • 1/4" tripod connection

- Option 001 (Memory expansion)
        1MB Memory expansion. Strongly recommended for using the DATA LOGGER!
- Option 006 (3D earth magnetic field and static magnetic field sensor)
        Offers a accurate 3D! measurement of the earth magnetic field and lots of other static magnetic fields (Gaussmeter).
- Option 009 (24BIT resolution)
        Offers a ultra high resolution on static magnetic fields (ONLY in combination with Option 006).
- Option 008/010 (20MHz/30MHz frequencyrange)
        Expands the frequencyrange to 20MHz. 
        Expands the frequencyrange to 30MHz. Not available in combination with Option 006. 
- Option 025 (External 25dB Preamplifier)
        Low-noise external preamplifier, 1Hz to 60MHz. Expands the measurement range of the analog input by approx. 25dB. 
- Option 035 (External 35dB Preamplifier)
        Low-noise external preamplifier, 1Hz to 30MHz. Expands the measurement range of the analog input by approx. 35dB.


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