ACE ATS-1000DF 热冲击试验箱 (-70℃~200℃ )

Workroom dimensions (mm): W1300*D1750*H1050 

Exterior dimensions (mm): W2200*D2400*H2350 

Temperature range: -70℃~200℃ 

High temperature room: 40 ~ +200℃ 

Low temperature room: RT ~ -70℃ 

Temperature fluctuation: ≤±0.5℃ (under constant temperature) 

Sample zone(basket) dimensions(mm): W1000*D1450*H750 

Preheat room 

Upper limit preheat temperature: 200℃ 

Temperature ramp up rate: 25℃/min (Average of range、unload) 

Pre-cool room 

Lower limit pre-cool temperature: -70℃ 

Temperature ramp down rate: 25℃/min(Average of range、unload) 


Temperature shock range: -40℃~+125℃ 

Temperature fluctuation: ≤±0.5℃ 

Temperature deviation: ≤±1℃ 

Transform time: ≤5S 

Temperature revert time: ≤5min 

Capacity: 1225L 

Power supply: AC380V,50Hz,3 phase and 4 wire + grounding wire 

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