ACO 6236 噪音分析仪 (20Hz – 20kHz)

Application of standards:
+ JIS C1509-1: 2005 Type 2
+ IEC 61672-1: 2002 Type 2
Frequency range: 20Hz - 20kHz (suitable for 20Hz - 8kHz low range)
Microphone Type: TYPE 7052NR (-33db sensitivity)
Control range: 10dB with 06 steps 20 ÷ 80dB; 20 ÷ 90dB; 20 ÷ 100Db; 20 ÷ 110dB; 30 ÷ 120dB; 40 ÷ 130dB
Measuring range:
+ A: 28dB ÷ 130dB (0 ÷ 80dB / 0dB function when ON)
+ C: 36dB ÷ 130dB
+ Z (flat): 40dB ÷ 130dB
+ C peak: 55dB ÷ 141dB
+ Z (flat) peak: 60dB ÷ 141dB
Linear range: 100dB
Level Range Control 
+ 10dB 6step
+ 20~80dB、20~90dB、20~100dB
+ 20~110dB、30~120dB、40~130dB, (0~80dB/0-dB function in ON)
Time weighting: Fast、Slow、Impulse
Frequency weighting: A、C、Z(FLAT)
Measurement items 
+ Sound pressure level(Lp)
+ A-weighted sound pressure level(LA)
+ C-weighted sound pressure level(LC)
+ Equivalent continuous A-weighted sound pressure level(LAeq)
+ Sound Exposure level(LAE)
+ Maximum sound pressure level(LAmax)
+ Minimum sound pressure level(LAmin)
+ Percentile sound pressure level(5 freely selectable values、LAN)
+ Peak Sound Pressure level(Lpeak)
+C- weighted Peak Sound Pressure level(LCpeak)
+ Power average of maximum sound pressure level in a given interval(LAtm5)
+ Impulse Sound pressure level(LAI)
+ Impulse equivalent continuous sound pressure level(LAIeq)
Measurement time: 
+ 1s/3s/5s/10s/1min/5min/10min/15min/30min/1h/8h/12h/24h
+ Manual(Max. 199h59m59s)
Sampling Time: 20.8μs(Leq、Lmax、Lmin)、100ms(LN)
Data clear Function: 
+ Pause, and a function that deletes preceding 3 or 5 sec.
+ Memory start;Selectable Auto or Manual
Timer function: A marker can be set to start and stop the measurement at any specified moments.
Display: Liquid crystal and Backlight(128×64 points)
Digital display: Display range:4digit display
Display cycle:display Period: 1s
Bar display: Display Period:0.1s
+ Over;+3dB from upper limited scale
+ Under;-0.6dB from lower limited scale
Battery display: Battery 5 steps display
Date: year/month/day/hour:minute:second
Pause: Normal pause function, as well as the function of canceling the data before pausing the measurement, are available.
Calibration signal: Electric calibration with internal oscillator (1kHz sine wave)
AC Output: 
+ φ2.5Jack
+ Output:1Vrms(FS)
+ Output impedance:600Ω
+ Load impedance:more than 10kΩ
DC Output 
+ φ2.5Jack
+ Output:2.5V(FS)
+ 0.25V/10dB Output impedance:50Ω
+ Load impedance:more than10kΩ
RMS detection circuit: True RMS detection circuit(computing type)
Processing: Digital
Data Storage Functions: 
+ Sound pressure level or Processed values stored in built-in Memory or Memory card
+ Manual Storage:Sound level, Calculation value, Memory time,Store the Sampling to Built-in memory or on Memory card,
+ Auto Storage:Sampling interval 100ms, 200ms, Sound level,Leq etc. Processing Card :Storage of calculation results
I/O: Direct output to printer, control and output data to computer Digital output of real-time noise waveform with USB interface
Comparator Output: Comparator Function with threshold level
Battery Type: Four 1.5V Alkaline cells IEC type LR6, Optional AC adapter
Battery life: Alkaline dry cell ; Approx.9hours when Switch on a back light ;Approx.1/3
Operating temperature: Temperature:-10~50℃
Humidity:30%~90%RH(no condensation)
Size: 86(W) x 285(H) x 46(D)
Weight: Less than Approx.450g(including Batteries)

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