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ACO 8301A 近距离排气噪声测量系统 (Wireless)

Compatible vehicle type: 2 cycle or 4 cycle gasoline engine vehicle, diesel engine

vehicle, rotary engine vehicle

Built-in sound volume meter: SV-6224

Measurement item:

- Background noise level

- Maximum sound level

Measurement method:

- Measurement method A: Measure maximum sound level twice after measurement of background noise.

- Measurement method B: Measure maximum sound level 3 times after measurement of background noise.

Printer: Dot matrix type thermal printer

- Printing paper UTP-58E, 58 mm (width) X 30 m (length)

Built-in clock: Year/month/day/hour/minute (quartz type), Accurate with less than ±60seconds/month

Operating temperature/humidity: 0~50°C, 10~90% RH

Engine tachometer: 300rpm ~ 9,999rpm, detection accuracy ±10rpm

Setting range for measurement revolution speed: 500~9,990rpm, 1 rpm step

Power source: Compatible with 3 types of power source.

- Internal battery (Charging time 10 hours, life at continuous usage more than 5 hours)

- AC 100V commercial power supply (±10%, 50/60Hz), power consumption 10VA

- DC 12 V external power supply, current consumption approx. 1 A

Dimensions and weight (main body): Approx 350 mm (D) × 350 mm (W) × 180 mm (H), approx. 10 kg.

Included accessories:

 * Microphone Type 7146N: x1

 * Windscreen NA-0301: x2

 * Microphone extension cable 10 m: x1

 * Microphone stand: x1

 * Arrow mark: x1

 * Tachometer sensor (sound vibration type, made by AVL) DiTEST Speed 2000: x1

 * Tachometer sensor (non-contact type) IP-292: x1

 * Tachometer sensor (non-contact type) IP-296: x1

 * Tachometer monitor: x1

 * Tachometer monitor cable 10 m: x1

 * Printer paper (for UTP-58E) (1 roll included) 3 rolls

 * AC power cable 2.0 m: x1

 * DC power cable 3.5 m: x1

 * Rechargeable battery for operation part: x4

 * Battery charger: x1

 * Stand: x1

 * Arrow mark case: x1

 * Microphone carrying case: x1

 * Microphone stand carrying case: x1

 * Accessories case: x1

 * Instruction manuals

- Proximity Exhaust Noise Measurement System (wireless type) Type 8301A: x2

- Operation guide for Proximity Exhaust Noise Measurement System (wireless type) Type 8301A: x2

- Sound volume meter SV-6224: x2

- Operation guide for SV-6224: x2




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