ACS DM600 Climatic chambers T and RH


Useful capacity: 553 l

Internal dimensions (WxDxH): 850x730x892 mm

Ext. dimensions (WxDxH): 1124x1768x2049 mm

Rated power: 10.5 kW

Rated current absorption: 19 A

Voltage: 400 V ±10%/50Hz/3ph + N + G

Sound pressure level: 61 dB(A) measured at 1m distance from the front of the unit, in 1,6m height, free field according to EN ISO 11201

Weight: 875 kg

Performances (measured at room temperature of 22°C, with empty working space and nominal voltage)

Temperature range: [-40°C; +180°C]

Relative Humidity range: from 10% to 98% within the temperature range [+10°C; +95°C]

Dew Point range: from +4°C to +94°C for continuous tests; down to -3°C for limited periods based on starting conditions and foreseen testing time according to IEC 60068-3-5 and IEC 60068-3-6:

Temperature Fluctuation: ±0,1°C... ±0,3°C

Temperature Rate of Change (measured at the control probe):

heating: 4.5°C/min. from -40°C to +180°C

cooling: 4.5°C/min. from +180°C to -40°C

Maximum thermal Load at +25°C: 4500 W

Maximum internal thermal load for climatic tests at +25°C and with relative humidity till 90%: 500 W

Relative Humidity Fluctuation: ±1%...±3%

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