Additel 780-3K 压力控制器

Pressure range: -14.5 to 3,000 psi (-0.95 to 200 bar)

Control stability: 0.003% FS (stability based on % FS of control sensor range)

Precision(includes 1 year stability): See pressure range table

1 Year stability: 0.01% FS standard accuracy sensors

0.005% FS precision accuracy sensors

Media Clean: gas

Over-range indication: 103% to 120% (based on sensor)

Resolution: 4, 5, 6, or 7 digits (user selectable)[2]

Pressure type: Gauge, Absolute

Warm up time 15 minutes

Typical pressure settling time(within 0.003%FS): 20 seconds (10%FS pressure change assuming 50 mL test volume)

Measurement units: Pa, hPa, kPa, MPa, bar, mbar, psi, mmHg@0°C,cmHg@0°C, mHg@0°C, inHg@0°C,inH2O@4°C, mmH2O@4°C, cmH2O@4°C, mH2O@4°C, mmH2O@20°C, cmH2O@20°C,mH2O@20°C, kg/m2, kg/cm2, mtorr, torr, atm, lb/ft2, tsi, user selectable

Minimum control pressure[3] 0.001 psi




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