Adtek A6-SG 6位数秤重显示控制器 (6 digit)

A6-SG weighing controller has been designed with high accuracy
measurement (24bit A/D), 6 digital display, flexible I/O functions and
communication port for general weighing application.
They are also build in 4 Relay outputs, 4 External Control Inputs, 1
Analogue output and 1 RS485 (Modbus RTU Mode) interface with
versatile functions such as control, alarm, re-transmission and
communication for a wide range of industrial applications.
They was designed the tracking zero and tracking stable function in programming level. According to the
system, user can set the function to get the suitable reading.
According the purpose, the 4 relays can be selected individual for feeder, discharge, peak, or alarm in 7
control modes.
● Measuring range -1~35mV, 0.3μV/D resolution, and the sampling rate can be set from 6.25~100 time/second
● There are two calibration modes in mV standard input and key in the number of load cell’s signal(mV/V) or
counterweight with system to do the calibration
● 4 relay output are not only can be set to Hi/OK/Lo、period compare and compare by trigger 3 modes, but
also feeder, discharge, peak, compare during PV over the band of zero, and so on.
● 4 control input can be set from terminals or front key input with zero, tare, gross, net, weighing start/end
function….and so on.
● Optional re-transmission and RS485 communication port available.
● Apply to CE standard and RoHS


Download datasheet


    - Four TRIP RELAY
    - 0~10V/20mA ANALOGUE OUTPUT

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