Adtek CS2-MC 计数器位置显示表 (0.01Hz~6KHz, 2 channels)

The CS2-MC provides dual input(A/B phase) and display with high speed,
counting, control and communication (Modbus RTU mode) of Pulse from
encoder, proximity switch, photo switch or flow meter for counting,
length and position control. There are 3 external control input (DI) in
standard and the optional 4 Relay, 1 Analogue, and RS485 port available.
The relays are also support N, C, R, E mode and Hi/Lo energized for batch
/ totalizer and position control.
● Measuring Pulse 0.01Hz~6KHz(A/B phase: 3KHz for each channel); Contact / NPN / PNP / Voltage Pulse can
be switch on rear of meter
● Double figures,can be set to display the Totalizer 、Batch、Batch count
● CS2-MC Multifunction Counter design of the two groups pulse signal input, coupled with Proximity switch,
Photoelectric sensor, Encoder ... .... etc., execution count(plus / less count), location-based, batch and
other displays, control, and remote communication capabilities.
● 4 relay can be individual programmed for N/R/C/E/do mode with timer function.
● 3 external control input can be individual programmed for Reset, Gat of totalizer and/or batch
● Analogue Output and RS485(Modbus RTU mode) available in option
● With the proximity switches, photoelectric switches, encoders ...etc., do the count (plus / less count),
length, location, location,,batch etc. displays, control, and remote communication capabilities.

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