Adtek MWH-10A 10数字能量表 (10Digit)

MWH-10A Energy Meter offers high accuracy measurements
of Energy (Watt-Hr) and Active Power, display and
communication functions. It is also with 1 relay output, 1
analogue output, 1 RS485 communication port, and 1 pulse
output in option as well
112mm (D) is ideal for assembling in panels with limited
penetration depth
● Measuring Watt & Watt-Hr in 1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W, 3P4W Unbalanced systems
● Dual displays for 10 digits Watts-Hr and 4 2/3 digits Active Watts
● 1 relay output for Hi / Lo / Hi Hold / Lo Hold / OFF modes, and with start delay, hysteresis, energized time delay,
de-energized time delay functions
● Analogue output, pulse output and RS 485 communication are available in options
● Standard panel cutouts: 1/8 DIN 96 x 48 mm
● Meet CE requirements



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