Ainuo AN20160(F)接地导通电阻测试仪校验仪(5~1200mΩ)

Input current range: 2.000A~60.000A
Current measurement accuracy: ±(5%× reading)
Resistance setting range: 5.0~119.9mΩ, 120~1200mΩ
Output voltage range: 10.0mV~12000mV
Output voltage accuracy: 10.0~99.9mV: ±(0.4%× reading+0.5mV; 100.0~12000mV: ±(0.5%× reading)
Time measurement range: 00:00:00.0s~99:59:59.9s, door limit setting function
Time measurement accuracy: ±(1%× reading+0.2s)
Ground bond resistance calibration mode: 4 terminals method; Resistance method
Grounding type: Grounding,/floating


Product Detail

Main features
* In compliace with JJG984-2004 Ground Bond Resistance Tester Calibration Regulation,with unique timing test design,
current stability caculation and extermal load access functions,able to calibrate ground bond tester by method of quadripole or resistance
* Adopting digital designing technique,wide in measuremen ange and high in accuracy,AC current of 2.000A-60.00A,esistance voltage signal output is 0-12v,test accuracy is+-0.5%
* Portable designing,menu type operation,coordinated with 320*240 blue LCD display,simple and convenient in application.


Input current range


Current measurement accuracy

±(5%× reading)

Resistance setting range

5.0119.9mΩ, 1201200mΩ

Output voltage range


Output voltage accuracy

10.099.9mV: ±(0.4%× reading+0.5mV)

100.012000mV: ±(0.5%× reading)

Time measurement range

00:00:00.0s99:59:59.9s, door limit setting function

Time measurement accuracy

±(1%× reading+0.2s)

Current stability calculation


Ground bond resistance calibration mode

4 terminals method

Resistance method

Grounding type




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