Ainuo AN531000-30(F) 可编程直流试验电源 (1000V, 30A, 10kW)

Input: 3-phase 3-wire +PE,340V~420VAC,47-63Hz

Output: Voltage 0~1000V

        Current 0~30A

        Power 0~10kW

Testing accuracy: Voltage ≤0.15%Umax,Resolution 0.01V(>1000V,0.1V)

                  Current ≤0.3%Imax,Resolution 0.01A

                  Power ≤1%Pmax,Resolution 0.001kW(>100kW,0.01kW)

Ripple and Noise


Vrms 350mV

Vpp  1600mV

Load effect: Voltage≤0.05%Umax,Current≤0.15%Imax

Source effect: Voltage≤0.02%Umax,Current≤0.05%Imax

Transient response time: ≤2ms

Rise time: 100% 50ms(10%-90%)

Max output voltage drop compensation: 25V

Environment: Temperature:0~40℃;Humidity:20~90%RH

Dimension W×H×D(mm): 440×133×600

Weight: 27kg

Remark: The current range of models above 1000V can be customized for 40A

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