Ainuo AN9620TH(F)多网络漏电流分析仪(单相6kW /三相20kW)

1) Leakage current test
Load type: Single phase 6kW/triphase 20kW,static and dynamic leakage test
Alarm current setting:  B network :0~18.00mA;E network:0~6000 uA;G network:0~4500 uA;other network:0~9000uA 
Leakage current measurement: 10.0uA~999.9uA; 1000uA~9999uA; 10.00mA~18.00mA
DUT parameters
+ Voltage range Accuracy: 30.0~300.0V(single phase),±(1%×reading+0.5V)
+ Current range: 0~23A/AC,over current protection is 25A 
2) Extended function
 Address setting: 1-255 
 Baud rate setting: 300,1200,2400,4800,9600,192000 
 Display screen: 320*240 LCD show 
3) Interface function
Communication interface: Standard RS232. LAN,RS485,GPIB are optional 
Printer interface,  PLC interface, Remote control interface
4) General specification
 Power requirements: 220V±10%,50Hz±5%,10A
 Dimension(mm,with packing: 570(W)×340(H)×660(D)
 Gross weigh(with packing: About 15kg


Product Detail

Main features
* Latest interrnational standard:Comply with CCC,IEC,EN VDE,BS,UL,JIS,standard requirements.
* Three and Single phase(300V/23A) leakage current test
* 7 kings of built-in networking MD card for leakage current test
* 8 kinds of visual programmable settings of DUT power input
* 3 test modes.L,N to GND,surface to surface and L,N to surface
* Upper/Lower limits judgment,test wires compensation,intelligent protection
* User pass word and keyboard lock function
* 8 groups of test memories,8 programming steps for each group
* 5.4 LCD display,menu operation.

Order infomation and extended functions
* AN9620TH(F),three/single-phase load compatible,multiple network leakage current test.
* AN9620H(F), single-phase load,multiple network leakage current test.


Leakage currentgrounding current test

Load type


Single phase 6kWstatic and dynamic leakage test



Single phase 6kW/triphase 20kWstatic and dynamic leakage test

Alarm current setting


With MD network automatic identification function

B network 018.00mAE network06000 uA

G network04500 uAother network09000uA

0 means do not make judgment

Test time setting


01.0999.9s0 for infinite length), ±3%×setting+0.1s

Leakage current measurement








50uA18mADC10kHz±2%×reading +0.5uA

10k200kHz±5%×reading +0.5uA

200k1MHz±5%×reading +1.5uA

RemarksG network 1050uAaccuracy 2%+12uA50uA100uAaccuracy2%+4uA

DUT parameters

Voltage range Accuracy

30.0300.0Vsingle phase<span style="

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