Airzero AZC-040 真空式立式机(单室)

Body: Stainless Steel

Weight: 120 kg

Cycle: 1~2 / min

Machine Dimension: (W) 570㎜ × (L) 723㎜ × (H) 970㎜

Vacuum Chamber Dimension: (W) 510㎜ × (L) 620㎜ × (H) 170㎜

Control: Digital

Heat wire: 2 lines of 500㎜ × 3.2㎜

Power: 220V, 1 ph

Vacuum Pump: 600L/min in 60 HZ ( 500L/min in 50 HZ )

Max. Vacuum: Approx. 100㎪



Foods : Extension of circulation period / Keeping up of freshness and fragrance

Industrial goods : Prevention of Oxidation / Prevention of moisture


Stand type so that it is recommended for any place with no table to put the machine on

The body except for Acryl chamber cover is stainless steel so as be very durable

Through the Acryl chamber cover, the process of packing can be seen

Digital control microprocessor can make setting very easy

Sealing bar can be easily detached and attached and there is no electricity wires exposed inside the chamber so as to be convenient for cleaning



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