Anda - iCoat X3 中级涂覆机

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    Model: iCoat-X3
    保障: 12 month
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The iCoat-X3 is designed to strike a balance between cost and performance. This selective conformal coating machine comes with a single head 2 nozzles structure (spray & dispense) with 3 servo motor axis movement (X,Y,Z).

Optionally, X3 can also be equipped with either “Dual nozzle simultaneous coating with 35° tilt” or “FOUR directions 35° tilt for the right side nozzle”. These features enhanced the iCoat-X3 performance with the lowest cost of ownership.

Standard Features

  • General machine comes with 2 nozzles (DJ-01 and SA-W5)

  • PC with LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse (Height Adjustable)

  • Auto dipping and purging waste collection system

  • LED UV lamps for inspection

  • PCB clamping system

  • 10L material tank

  • UPS and voltage stabilizer

  • ESD grounding Point

  • CE Certified

Optional Features

  • Heavy duty conveyor

  • Dual Lane conveyor system

  • 2 stage conveyor

  • CCD vision camera

  • 4 direction 35º tilt with 360º rotation

  • 2 nozzles simultaneous coating + tilt

  • Material level detection

  • Pallet return conveyor (Underneath)

  • Barcode, QR or 2D code scanning system

  • Material tank : 5L


Power & Factory

Machine Structure: Aluminum Frame
Dimension LxWxH (mm): 900 x 1300 x 1630mm
Weight: 600kg
Input Power
- 220-240VAC Single Phase, 50/60Hz (3 wire);
- 208VAC Split Phase, 60Hz (4 wire);
- 208VAC Three Phase, WYE, 60Hz (5 wire);
Power Consumption: 2.6kW
Exhaust Flow Rate Requirements: 15m³/h
Compress Air Requirements: 0.6MPa (100L/min) or 90psi (3.5CFM)


Conveyor Type: Single Stage/Pin Chain
Board Clearance: Top/Bottom = 100mm
Conveyor Height: 900 +/- 20mm
Max Speed: 800cm/min
Direction: Left to Right (Right to Left option)
PCB Edge Clearance: 5mm (Pallet) / 3mm (PCB)
No. of Conveyors: Single (Dual Conveyor Option)
PCB Width: 50 ~ 460mm
Width Adjustment: Auto (Motorized)
Comm. Port: Standard SMEMA


Motor Drive: Closed loop servo motor
Number of Axis: 3 axis = X,Y, Z (Optional 4 way 35˚ tilt)
Linear Motion: Ball Screw + Linear Guide
Positioning Accuracy: 40μm (0.04mm)
Repeatability Accuracy: 40μm (0.04mm)
Max Speed: 800mm/s


Number of Nozzles/Valves: 2 Nozzle
Nozzle Types: Micro Spray , Cone, Fan, Film Coater, Needle
Coverage Area: 460 x 460mm
Component Clearance: 100mm
Smallest Dispense Diameter: 0.2mm
Smallest Spray Diameter: 3mm
Fan Shape Spray Width: 15 ~ 30mm



Anda Automation designs and manufactures selective conformal coating, fluid dispensing, UV/IR curing ovens, plasma treatment, conveying equipment, process lines and complete factory automation solutions for the electronics assembly industry.


Founded in 1999, Anda is a hi-tech enterprise, with patents belonging to independent research and development. Anda is a privately held company and integrates R&D, production, sales and service as a leader in automation equipment manufacturing for the electronics industry. Specializing in the production of selective conformal coating, fluid dispensing, curing, conveying, energy-saving lead-free solder, lead-free n2 / air reflow soldering machinery, automatic whole tin slag reductive machines, SMT peripheral equipment, production line and industries automatic transmission systems. We’ve been bringing innovative solutions to these applications for over 15 years.

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