Anda iCoat-X5 高级涂覆机

Two head configurations are available for the High Precision Selective Conformal Coating Machine:

A) Single head, 3 nozzles structure with 4 axis movement (X,Y,Z,U rotation) + 35° tilt is the most flexible work cell for a High Precision Selective Conformal Coating Machine to cater the most demanding coating application.

B) Twin heads, 4 nozzles structure with 3 axis movement (X,Y,Z) + 35° tilt to double the output with 2 PCBs simultaneously coated for achieving maximum productivity.

Standard Features

  • General machine comes with 2 nozzles (DJ-01 and SA-W5)

  • PC with LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse (Height Adjustable)

  • Auto dipping and purging waste collection system

  • LED UV lamps for inspection

  • PCB clamping system

  • 10L material tank

  • UPS and voltage stabilizer

  • ESD grounding Point

  • CE Certified

Optional Features

  • Nozzles can be tilted 35º with 360º rotation

  • Heavy duty conveyor

  • Dual Lane conveyor system

  • 2 stage conveyor

  • CCD vision camera

  • Material level detection

  • Pallet return conveyor (Underneath)

  • Barcode or 2D code scanning system

  • Material tank : 5L


Power & Factory

Machine Structure: Steel Frame
Dimension LxWxH (mm): 900 x 1300 x 1630mm
Weight: 550kg
Input Power:
- 220-240VAC Single Phase, 50/60Hz (3 wire);
- 208VAC Split Phase, 60Hz (4 wire);
- 208VAC Three Phase, WYE, 60Hz (5 wire);
Power Consumption: 2.6kW
Compress Air Requirements: 0.6MPa (100L/min) or 90psi (3.5CFM)


Conveyor Height: 900 +/- 20mm
Speed: 500cm/min
Direction: Left to Right (Right to Left option)
PCB Edge Clearance: 5mm
No. of Conveyors: Single (Dual Conveyor Option)
PCB Width: 50 – 460mm
Width Adjustment: Auto (Motorized)


Motor Drive: Servo
Number of Axis: 5 (X, Y, Z, Tilt, Rotate)
Linear Motion: Ball Screw + Linear Guide
Positioning Accuracy: 20µm (0.02mm)
Repeatability: 20µm (0.02mm)
Max Speed: 1000mm/s


Number of Nozzles/Valves: 3 (2 standard)
Nozzle Type: Micro Spray , Cone, Fan, Film Coater, Needle
Coverage Area: 460 x 460mm
Component Clearance: 100mm
Smallest Dispense Diameter: 0.2mm
Smallest Spray Diameter: 3mm
Fan Shape Spray Width: 15 ~ 30mm
Rotation Angle: +/- 180 degrees
Tilting Angle: 35 degrees


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