Anritsu MU909014 系列μOTDR Module™系列

Model: MU909014A1 µOTDR (Single wavelength,30dB class OTDR with VLD)

Model: MU909015A6 µOTDR (Single wavelength, 35dB class OTDR with PM, PON-PM and LS)

Model: MU909014B µOTDR (2-wavelength, 30 dB class OTDR)

Model: MU909014B1 µOTD (2-wavelength, 30dB class OTDR with VLD)

Model: MU909015B µOTDR (2-wavelength, 35 dB class OTDR)

Model: MU909015B1 µOTDR (2-wavelength, 35db class OTDR with VLD)

Model: MU909014C µOTDR (3-wavelength, 30 dB class OTDR)

Model: MU909014C6 µOTDR (3-wavelength,30dB class OTDR with PM,PON-PM, LTS and LS)

Model: MU909015C µOTDR (3-wavelength, 35 dB class OTDR)

Model: MU909015C6 µOTDR (3-wavelength,  35dB class OTDR with PM, PON-PM, LTS and LS)


Option necessary Model: MT9090A Mainframe (with color LCD)






  • Tri-wavelength OTDR for both installation and maintenance (1310 nm/1550 nm plus filtered 1650 nm or 1625 nm) in one unit
  • Built-in PON Power Meter, Loss Test Set and Light Source functions
  • High-end OTDR performance in a pocket-size package
  • Exclusive, integrated launch fiber provides accurate initial connector measurement without external devices
  • Excellent mid-range performance where it matters most
  • "Fiber Visualizer" mode simplifies operation, no OTDR knowledge needed
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity
  • Complete PON testing through splitters up to 1 x 64
  • High resolution and extremely short deadzones ensure thorough short fiber evaluation
  • Rugged, sealed design provides years of service in the most challenging environments
  • High resolution, widescreen color display that is easy to read indoors or out
  • Modular platform ensures maximum return on investment
  • Compact and lightweight design for maximum portability in the field
  • High performance without a high price


Introducing the handheld OTDR that does not compromise performance – the µOTDR MU909014C/14C6/15C/15C6 from Anritsu. With performance that rivals traditional OTDRs that are four times the size and more than double the price, the Network Master MT9090A has created a class of test instruments. It features 2 cm resolution for accurate mapping of events, deadzones of less than 1 meter (3-feet) and a dynamic range of up to 38 dB – enough to test over 150 km (90 miles) or PON-based FTTx networks featuring up to a 1 x 64 split.  The MT9090A also takes portability to a level by being the handheld OTDR that truly fits in the palm of your hand.


The MT9090A with MU909014x/15x represents a era in optical fiber testing!

*This device comes with Linux software. The customer has a right to obtain, modify and redistribute the source codes of this software. Please request from "Contact Us" at the top of this page. Please understand that we cannot respond to questions concerning the content of Linux source codes.


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