BEING RV-211A Rotary Evaporator (20~180rpm,Automatic lifting mode)

Rotation speed: 20~180rpm

Water bath temperature range: RT+5~100°C

Evaporating speed: 22ml/min

Ultimate vacuum: 8mbar

Speed setting: LCD display with knob

Lifting mode: Automatic

Motor function: DC brushless motor

Main motor DC brushless: DC brushless motor

Condenser: Snake Condensate, Condensate Area 0.15m2, 1L Rotary Bottle, 1L Collecting Bottle, TS29 / 38 Bottle Clamp, Ball Face S35 / 20

Vacuum Seal: PTFE and Teflon Coating

Interior water bath size: D230mm*H130mm

Water bath material: Stainless steel Corrosion resistant coating

Heating power: 120V AC, 50HZ, 1000W

Temperature range: 5~35°C

Electrical input: DC 24V, 2.5W



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