BK Precision 2840 台式直流电阻表测试仪 (1 µΩ ~ 20 kΩ)

Features & Benefits
4.3-inch color touch screen
4-wire Kelvin test leads included
Temperature measurement with correction*
Low power resistance mode to protect DUT
Manual or auto ranging
Adjustable measurement speed for fast readout
or better accuracy
Fast measurement speed up to 20 ms/reading
to increase manufacturing throughput
Offset voltage compensation (OVC)*
Cable compensation (0 ADJ)
BIN comparator function to sort components
in up to 10* bin locations
Bin-sorting with statistical measurement
Store/recall 30 instrument settings
Screen capture to USB drive
Selectable power line filter
Trigger delay
Handler interface for easy integration with a
component handler
Standard RS232, USB (USBTMC and virtual
COM), and LAN* interfaces

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