BK Precision 1901 旋钮交换式直流电源(1~32V / 30A)

    Model: 1901
    来源: China
    保障: 12 month
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Manuafacturer:  BK PRECISION
Model : 1901
Original: China
Warranty : 12 month

Output Voltage: 1 – 32 V
Output Current: 0 – 30 A
Auxiliary Output Current: 5A
Ripple: ≤  50 mV, ≤  40 mA
Accuracy: ± 0.2% + 3 counts
Power Requirements: 220 - 240 VAC 50 Hz
Dimensions: 200 x 90 x 275 mm
Weight: 3.2 kg
Supplied Accessories: Power cord, instruction manual, remote control connector

Chi tiết

Models 1900, 1901 and 1902 are are laboratory grade switching mode DC power supply with high current output in a small form factor and lightweight package. The supplies provide various configurations of high output voltage or high output current and make setting voltage and current levels fast and precise through its dual action, coarse/fine rotary encoder control. In addition to constant voltage (CV) and constant current (CC) modes, the high efficiency DC power supplies offer a unique solution with its preset and remote control modes. Save up to three different presets of voltage and current values for quick recall. The remote control function allows the output power, voltage, and current to be adjusted without touching the front panel of the power supply. A remote sensing terminal is also available for use to compensate for long output line losses. These features make the 1900 Series suitable for a wide range of applications including production testing, telecommunications, R&D, service, and university labs.

  • Automatic CV/CC crossover operation
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Rotary encoder control for precise voltage and current setting
  • 3 user-defined voltage and current presets
  • Remote control function
  • Remote sensing terminal
  • Overvoltage, overtemperature, and overload protection
  • Remote Sense (model 1900 only)


Model Guide
Model 1900 1901 1902
Output Voltage 1-16 V 1-32 V 1-60 V
Output Current 0-60 A 0-30 A 0-15 A

Ordering Information: Base models 1900, 1901, and 1902 operate with 110 V input only. For 220 V operation, request model 1900-220V, 1901-220V, or 1902-220V at time of order.

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