BK Precision 2405A 迷你型数字万用表带电池测试

Manufaturer: BK Precision - USA
Model: 2405A
DC/AC voltage to 600V
Resistance to 20MΩ
Diode test
Low battery indicator
CE approved
2000 Display Counts
2.0% Basic DC Accuracy
Manual Ranging
10A DC Current
1.5V & 9V Battery Test
Auto Zeroing
Included: 9V Battery, Instruction Manual, Set of Test Leads


The Mini-Pro® multimeters are a professional quality multimeter at low cost. Three new meters with a price point that will put them in every toolbox and field service kit. The unique design fits easily in the palm of your hand and CE approval ensures safe operation. Manual and auto ranging models offer the basic functionality needed to do 90% of most required testing.

These meters are the best value for any hobbies. No home should be without one!

  • DC/AC voltage to 600V
  • DC current to 10A
  • Resistance to 20M
  • Diode test
  • Low battery indicator
  • CE approved


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