BK Precision 2516 手持式数字存储示波器(100MHz,2CH,1GSa / s,2个隔离通道)

Bandwidth: 100 MHz
Real Time Sampling Rate: 1 GSa/s (half-channel interleaved), 500 MSa/s (per channel)
Channels: 2 isolated
Max Memory Depth: 40 kpts 
Vertical Resolution: 8 bit
Vertical Sensitivity: 5 mV/div – 100 V/div (1-2-5 order)
Horizontal Scan Range: 2.5 nS/div - 50 S/div
Maximum Input Voltage: 300 Vrms
I/O Interface: USB
Trigger: Edge, Pulse Width, Video*, Slope, Alternative 
Math Operation: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, FFT
FFT: Hanning, Hamming, Blackman, Rectangular 
Measure: Vpp, Vmax, Vmin, Vamp, Vtop, Vbase, Vavg, Mean, Crms, Vrms, ROVShoot, FOVShoot, RPREShoot, FPREShoot, Rise, Fall, Freq, Prd, +Wid, -Wid, +Dut, -Dut, BWid, Phas, FRR, FRF, FFR, FFF, LRR, LRF, LFR, LFF
DCV: 60.00 mV - 1000 V 
ACV: 60.00 mV - 750 V 
DCA, ACA: 60.00 mA - 10.00 A 
R: 600.0 Ω - 60.00 MΩ
C: 40.00 nF -400.0 µF
Diode : yes
Continuity: Yes
Display: 5.7” Color TFT, 320 x 234 resolution, 64K color
Power Requirements: AC Adapter 100-240 VAC/9VDC
Battery Rating: 5000 mAh, 7.4 VDC
Dimensions: 163.2 x 259.5 x 53.3
Weight: 1.54 kg
Supplied Accessories: User manual, passive probes (one per channel), pair of DMM test leads, 7.4 V Li-ion battery BP2510, USB cable, probe compensation connector, AC power adapter, hard case


The 2510 Series handheld digital storage oscilloscopes provide floating measurement and recorder capabilities with a built-in digital multimeter (DMM), all in one portable and lightweight package. These versatile 60 MHz and 100 MHz bandwidth scopes offer 1 GSa/s sample rates, 2 Mpts waveform memory, 32 automatic measurements, and multiple recording functions to capture transient or long-term signal behavior. The 2510 Series allows engineers and technicians to make accurate and safe measurements when the signal reference is floating.

  • 60 MHz and 100 MHz bandwidth
  • 1 GSa/s sample rate
  • Isolated 600 V CAT III input channels (models 2515/2516)
  • 2 Mpts deep memory
  • 32 automatic measurements
  • FFT plus four additional math functions
  • Built-in 6000-count DMM measures DC/AC voltage, DC/AC current, resistance, capacitance, diode, and continuity test
  • Dedicated current measurement terminals
  • Recorder and trend plot functions to log data
  • PC software that lets you remotely control the oscilloscope and capture, save, and analyze waveform data
  • USB host port for convenient storing and recalling of waveform data, setups, and screenshots on a USB flash drive
  • Standard mini-USB device port for remote PC control


Model Guide
Model 2511 2512 2515 2516
Bandwidth 60 MHz 100 MHz 60 MHz 100 MHz
Channels 2 non-isolated 2 non-isolated 2 isolated 2 isolated
Safety Rating 300 V CAT II 300 V CAT II 1000 V CAT II, 600 V CATIII 1000 V CAT II, 600 V CATIII


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