BK Precision 4086AWG 函数波/任意波形产生器(80Mhz,1CH)

Manufaturer: BK Precision - USA
Model: 4086AWG
Channels: 1
Sine: 1µHz ~ 80MHz
Square: 1µHz ~ 40MHz
Triangle, Ramp: 1µHz ~ 100kHz
Built-in Waveforms: Sine, Square, Triangle, Positive Ramp, Falling Ramp, Noise, Pulse, Positive Pulse, Negative Pulse, Positive
DC, Negative DC, Stair wave, Coded  Pulse, Full wave rectified, Half-wave rectified, Sine transverse cut, Sine vertical cut, Sine phase modulation, Logarithmic, Exponential, Half-round, Sinx/x, Square root, Tangent,
Cardiac, Earthquake, Combination
Amplitude Range: 1mV ~ 10Vpp (50Ω)
Modulation: AM, FM, FSK, PSK
Universal  Counter: 1Hz ~ 100MHz
Remote Interface: RS-232
Dimensions: 255 mm x 100 mm x 370 mm
Weight:  3 kg
Power: 198~242V or 99~121V ,
Include:  BNC to alligator cable, BNC to BNC cable, RS232 communication cable, power line cord, test report, spare fuse, software installation disk.


Model 4086AWG is a laboratory grade synthesized function generator with arbitrary capability. Direct digital synthesis (DDS) techniques are used to create stable, accurate output signals for all 27 built-in standard and complex (arbitrary) waveforms as well as custom arbitrary waveforms. The 4086AWG produces high purity, low distortion sine waves up to 80 MHz, square waves up to 40 MHz and provides extensive analog modulation capabilities including AM, FM, FSK, PSK, pulse modulation, burst mode and linear/logarithmic sweep combined with multiple trigger modes. The included intuitive Windows Software lets users create and edit custom arbitrary waveforms and download them with a single click to the instrument non volatile memory. Unmatched affordability and high performance make the 4086AWG a perfect fit for many applications in Electronic Test and Design, Sensor Simulation and Education and Training.

  • Clean and stable output of very small signals down to the 1mV-10mV range (50 ohm)
  • Support of internal and external modulation sources as well as internal, external and gated trigger sources
  • Create arbitrary waveforms with 10 bit vertical resolution, 16k memory depth and a sample rate of 200 MSa/s
  • Seamless import of waveforms from any Tektronix® TDS1000, TDS2000, TPS2000 and TDS3000 series digital storage oscilloscope. Easily recreate waveforms originating from the DSO display or internal memory.
  • Fully programmable via the standard RS232 interface using SCPI compatible commands.
  • 100 MHz Universal Counter with frequency measurement and totalize function




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