BK Precision 570A 线性IC测试仪

Manuafacturer:  BK PRECISION
Model :  570A
Original: U.K
Warranty : 12 month

- Library ICs: Operational Amplifiers, Comparators, Operational Amplifiers / Comparators, Voltage Regulators, Voltage References, Analog Switches /Multiplexers, Transistor Arrays,
Optoisolators / Optocouplers, DACS / ADSC, Special Functions ICs, Virtual Grounds,Audio ICs
- Power Sources: 4 x 1.5V AA


The Model 570A Analog IC Tester built-in test library includes all common Analog ICs including op-amps, comparators, voltage regulators, voltage references, analog switches & multiplexes, opto-isolators & couplers, and audio ICs.


  • Auto identification mode
  • Conditional/Unconditional loop testing mode
  • Functional test unit emliates passive circuitry to implement a comprehensive test in a variety of configurations and gain settings
  • Displays diagnostic information down to individual component pins
  • Rugged, hand held, battery operated
  • Built-in membrane keypad, 2 x 16 dot matrix alphanumeric LCD, and high quality 16 pin ZIF socket
  • Battery operated
  • Datasheet (PDF)
  • Manual (PDF)


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