ESR BK Precision 881 LCR测试仪ESR/直流电阻电容测试仪

- range of 0.47uF to 2200uF
- Open circuit probe voltage: 15mV pp
- Output test frequency: 100 KHz sine wave
- Measures ESR: 0.1 – 30 Ω  (25 segment LED bar scale)
Beeps from 1 to 5 beeps depending on ESR of capacitor
- Measures DC Resistance: 0.5 – 30 Ω flashing the LED
Power One: 9V battery  
Dimensions 1.5" x 3.8" x 5.7"

This in-circuit ESR & DC Resistance capacitor tester is specially designed to measure ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) on capacitors in the range of 0.47uF to 2200uF, in or out of circuit. The ability to trouble shoot in-circuit saves time and makes the 881 a must for anyone that tests or trouble shoots printed circuit boards. - 100KHz Output test frequency - 15mVp-p Output test voltage (will not turn on any solid-state devices) - Automatically discharges the capacitor under test - Microprocessor controlled - One-handed tweezer test probe included - One year warranty

Datasheet (PDF)


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