BK Precision 9124 高解析可编程直流电源(0~72V / 1.2A)

    Model: 9124
    来源: China
    保障: 12 month
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    热线:   (+84) 966520220

    电话:  +84 (24) 62923267


Output Voltage: 0~72V
Output current: 0~1.2A
Programming resolution: 2mV, 0.02mA
Readback/ Meter resolution: 0.5mV, 0.01mA
Programming accuracy: ≤ 0.03%+6mV, ≤ 0.05%+1mA
Readback/ Meter accuracy: ≤ 0.02%+5mV, ≤ 0.05%+1mA
Ripple & Noise: ≤ 5mVp-p, ≤ 3mArms
DVM meter: 0~40V
mΩ meter: yes
Power Requirements: 115V/220VAC
Dimensions: 214.5mm(W) x 88.2mm (H) x 354.6mm (D)
Weight: 9 kg
Included: User manual, power line cord, IT-E131 RS232 to TTL serial converter cable, IT-E132 USB to TTL serial converter, cable, software installation disk, and certificate of calibration

Chi tiết

The 9120A series are laboratory grade, programmable DC Power Suppies providing great performance and features not found in other supplies in this price category. The power supplies were designed to meet the needs of today applications in R&D design verification, production testing or university labs that require clean and reliable power, high resolution/accuracy and fast transient response time.

  • Excellent display resolution
  • Fast transient response time (< 150 µs)
  • SCPI compatible
  • Communicate via RS232 or USB Interface, using included RS232 to TTL or USB to TTL serial converter cable
  • GPIB interface (model 9123A only)
  • Closed case calibration
  • Compact size for bench use or rack mountable (2U x 1/2U size)
  • DVM and Milliohm Meter
  • Discrete Fault Indicator/Remote Inhibit (DFI/RI). Useful for turning multiple power supplies On/Off simultaneously
  • Application Software for front panel emulation and simple test sequence generation included
  • Sheathed banana plug terminals for safety
Model Guide
Model 9120A 9121A 9122A 9123A 9124
Output Voltage 0-32 V 0-20 V 0-60 V 0-30 V  0-72 V
Output Current 0-3 A 0-5 A 0-2.5 A 0-5 A  0-1.2 A


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