BKPRECISION 9832 Programmable AC Power Source (2000VA,300V,20A)

AC, DC and AC+DC power source
Low total harmonic distortion meets the IEC
61000-3-2 standard
Comprehensive measurement capabilities
Vrms, Arms, Vdc, +Apk, -Apk, inrush current,
frequency, power factor, apparent power,
reactive power, true power, and crest factor
0.98 power factor at AC input stage
Built-in standard waveforms sine, square,
clipped sine
30 built-in THD waveforms
Amplifier mode with 1.2 kHz bandwidth for
generating user-defined arbitrary waveforms
Step, List and Pulse modes for generating
power line disturbance (PLD) simulations. List
mode supports 10 user-defined programs with
up to 100 programmable steps
Generate custom harmonic waveforms on a PC
and download them to the instrument’s
5 non-volatile memory locations
Digital I/O port supporting external trigger,
transient indication, failure status indication,
remote inhibit, RS232, and external analog
output level programming interface
Comprehensive protection modes OVP, OCP,
OPP, OTP, fan failure, output timer and key
LabVIEW™ driver and application software
with soft panel for remote control available
Control the AC source from a standard web
browser via built-in web server

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