Bluepard MGC-800HP-2 Plant Growth Chamber (800L,3700W,2 compressors,50~90%RH)

Chamber Volume: 800L

Temperature Range:

+ Without Lighting: 0~50°C

+ With Lighting: 10~50°C

Display Resolution: 0.1°C

Temperature Stability: ±1°C

Temperature Uniformity: ±2°C

Humidity Range: 50~90%RH

Humidity Accuracy: ±5~7%RH

Lighting Intensity: 0~30000LX

Lighting Type: Shelves illumination(2 shelves)

Programmer Function: Temperature, humidity, light intensity, can be set separately, and 30 programmers, Time range is 1~59 hours for each programmer

Power Consumption: 3700W

Electrical Requirement: 380V 50Hz

Ambient Temperature: RT+5~30°C

Interior Dimension(WxDxH)mm: 965x580x1430

Exterior Dimension(WxDxH)mm: 1475x890x1780

Shelves: 3 pcs

Options: CO2 inlet, CO2 controller (imported IR CO2 sensor), RS485 connector



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