Boonton PIM 21 便携式无源互调测试仪

Pim Test:  Single port reflection measurement
Test Frequencies:  2 custom frequencies*
Carrier Power : 
Cellular:  +20 to +33 dBm, in 1dB steps
PCS:  +33 dBm
Power Accuracy:  ±1 dB / carrier
Pim Measurements:
Range:  -80 to -153 dBc @ 850 MHz  (typical -155 dBc)
Accuracy:  ±2 dB to -153 dBc @ 850 MHz ±3 dB to -155 dBc @ 850 MHz
includes power supply 90 - 240VAC (specify connector type w/ PO), Test Cable N-N, 4m (13ft), Adapter, 7/16 to N, 12V Car adapter, accessories pouch, user manual, quick start guide




What is Pim?

Pim distortion is caused by non-linear mixing of two or more
frequencies in passive devices like cables and connectors. Ideal
passive devices are considered linear. Pim signals are unwanted
because they interfere with signals in the receive path. In real-
ity any linear component has a non-linear factor that can cause
pim distortion. For optimal operation of RF systems, pim has to
be kept at a very low level that has virtually no influence on the
network operation.


   -WARR1 Warranty extension one additional year
   -CAL1 Verification and Performance Test only
   -CARE1 Care plan ( 1y addtl. warranty and 1 addtl calibration)
95950101A Low PIM cable Load, 5 W, N(f)
95951101A Connector Saver
95950701A Test cable 7/16  (m) - 7/16 (m), low PIM, 3m, 10 ft,
95950301A Adaptor 7/16 (f) - 7/16 (f), low PIM
95950401A Adaptor 7/16 (f) - N (m), low PIM
95950501A Adaptor N (f) - N (f), low PIM
95950601A PIM source, 2W, 800-1000MHz, 7/16 (m), 
95951001A VZW Torque Wrench 18lbs
70047300A Accessory Bag
48000100A Adaptor 7-16 (m) - N (f)
48400700A Power supply 90-264VAC for PIM20/21 (specify connector type w/ PO)
56810400A Line cord str (f) connector plug (m)
56811400A Car charger for PIM 20/21
57500100A Coax Cable RG-223, N (m) - N (m), 4m (13 ft)


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