Brüel&Kjær VIBROTEST60 振动分析仪

- Predictive Machine Maintenance has many facets -VIBROTEST® 60 can handle them all! THE vibration analyser, data collector and balancing instrument in one package.
+  For off-line data collection and evaluation, VIBROTEST® 60 leaves nothing to be desired, with low weight, large storage capacity, flexible handling and xms® – an entirely new monitoring software and data base from Brüel & Kjær Vibro.   
+  As an analyser the 2-channel VIBROTEST® 60 sets the standard with the extent of its functions   
+ As a field balancing instrument VIBROTEST® 60 uses unique methods to simplify and shorten a balancing procedure  
The modular concept of VIBROTEST® 60 allows easy upgrading with additional functions and future innovations while the instrument hardware remains unchanged.
VIBROTEST® 60 - the ideal instrument for "first-time" users with future expanded needs, or the "diagnostics expert" who requires a solution for universal applications.
- General and Technical- the unique advantages of VIBROTEST® 60
+  FFT-analyser, data collector and field balancer in one instrument
+  Easy to understand operator dialogue in many languages (10)
+  Compact (255x90x50 mm), lightweight (approx. 900g / 2 lb)
+  Long instrument life through modular, expandable measurement functions for future development
+  Standard acceleration, velocity and displacement sensors can be used
+ IP 41 conformity 
+  Genuine 2-channel instrument with speed measurement 
+ High-tech digital signal processor (DSP)
+  High measurement accuracy
+ Excellent 12,800 line FFT spectrum resolution
+ Brilliant, high-contrast graphic LCD display with backlight
+ Unlimited storage capacity and high security for measured data through built-in PC-card (Type PCMCIA)
Standard Includes
- 1x Charge station: AC-601
- 2x Battery:  AC-602
- 1x PC Card 32MB:  AC-603/32
- 1x Carry case: AC-605
- 1x Sensor:  AS-065
- 1x Sensor cable: AC-437
- 1x Magnetic flat: AC-172
- 1x 220mm Aluminium Probe: AC-272
- 1x thread stud: AC-350
- Module 1.1 V4: MOD 1.1 V4
- Manual, operating instruction: VT60-HABU




2    Accessories
2.1    Acceleration Sensor: AS-065
2.2    Acceleration Sensor Cable (Straight): AC-437
2.3    Magnetic for flat surface, threaded M8: AC-172
2.4    Reference sensor kit P95 with: P95/OPT606:
                   - Cable 5m for P95: AC-185
                  - Magnetic stand: AC-525
                 - Reflecting tape 2 x 5m: AC-526
2.5    Magnetic for curved surface, threaded M8: AC-273
2.6    Thread stud: AC-350
2.7    AC-608/USB PC-Card Drive Type  OmniDrive Professional USB: AC-608/USB
3    Module
3.1    Module 2.1 v4 FFT/BCS: MOD 2.1 V4
3.2    Module 2.2 v4 CEPSTRUM: MOD 2.2 V4
3.3    Module 5 v4 Dual channel: MOD 5 V4
    Module 6 v4 Data collector: MOD 6 V4:
                   - Acceleration Sensor Cable: AC-436
                   - Holster: AC-604
3.5    Module 7 v4 Balancing: MOD 7 V4
4    Modul software
4.1    Base module: XMS MOD B01
4.2    Unload reports: XMS MOD I01
4.3    Unload routes: XMS MOD I02
4.4    Trending overall (MOD 1.1): XMS MOD A10
4.5    FFT/CEP/BCS plot (MOD 2.1 & 2.2): XMS MOD A20
4.6    Bearing database: XMS MOD D10
5    Traning in factory

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