BTB ELECTRIC BDC4430I 干式电力电容器 ( 30kVAr 440V)

Rated Voltage (V): 440

Frequency (Hz): 50

Rated Capacity: 30kVAR / 3x164μF

Rated Current (A): 39

Dimensions (mm) ØDxH: 100x300

Discharge resistor (kΩ): 47

Construction: Cylindrical

External Terminal Box & Casing Finishing: Extruded Aluminum Casing

Type: Dry, Self Healing

Dielectric: Polypropylene

Plate: Zinc-Aluminum Alloy

Connection: 3-phase (Internal Delta)

Temperature Category: -25°C~+55°C (class D)

Max altitude: 2000 m

Max relative humidity: 95%

Capacitance Tolerance: -5%/+10%

Dielectric Loss: ≤0.2W/kVAR

Testing Voltage Between Terminals/Time: 2.15Un/10s

Testing Voltage Between Terminals And Container/Time: 4kV/10s

Maximum Permissible Voltage:

1.1 Un (8hours in evenry 24hours)

1.15 Un (30minutes in evenry 24hours)

1.2 Un (5minutes)

1.3 Un (1minute)

Maximum Permissible Current: 1.5 In

Maximum inrush current: 200 In

Lighting Impulse Test Between Terminal and

Container: 8kV (Peak)

Statistical Life Expectancy: >130,000 Operating Hours 

Standards: IEC 60831-1/ 2

IP: Rating IP20 

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