CEM AT-9906DIS 便携式数显万用表 (AC/DC 600V, 10A)

DCV: 320mV/3.2V/32V/320V/600V ±(0.5%+2d)

ACV: 3.2V, 32V, 320V, 600V ±(0.8%+4d)

DCA: 320uA,3200uA, 32mA, 320mA, 10A ±(1.2%+2d)

ACA: 320uA, 3200uA, 32mA,320mA, 10A ±(1.5%+4d)

Resistance: 320Ω, 3.2kΩ, 32kΩ, 320kΩ, 3.2MΩ, 32MΩ ±(0.8%+3d)

RPM(Tach): 600 ~ 4000RPM;600 ~ 12000RPM(x 10RPM) ±(2.0%+2d)

Dwell Angle: 4, 5, 6, 8CYL ±(2.5%+2d) 

Duty Cycle: 0.1~99.9% ±(1.5%+5d)

Frequency: 320Hz/3200Hz/32kHz ±(2.0%+2d)

Temperature: -20ºC ~ 760ºC/-4ºF ~ 1400ºF ±(3.0%+2d)

Diode Check: Open circuit voltage 3V dc; Test current 0.3mA typical.

Continuity Test: Threshold 35Ω, Continuity Beeper 2kHz

Size(HxWxD): 170mm x 79mm x 50mm

Weight: 366g


Test leads, type K temperature Probe, Inductive pick-up, 9V battery and gift box with carrying case.



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