CEM UIR160 专用热像仪 (-20~350°C, 160x120px, 3.33mrad)

Imaging and optical data

IR Resolution: 160x120

Focal Plane Array: Uncooled microbolometer/8~14um

Field of View: 29.8x22.6

Focal length: 7.5mm

Spatial resolution: 3.33mrad

NETD(@25 O C,F#1.0): <0.8 ℃ 80mK

Image Frequency/ Focus: 50Hz/ Manual


Object temperature range: –20 to 150°C (–4 to 302°F)

                          0 to 350°C (32 to 662°F)

Accuracy: ±2°C (±3.6°F) or ±2% of reading

Image adjustment

Color palettes: Grey/Grey Inverted/IRON/Rainbow

Brightness & contrast adjust: Auto/manual

Imageing Algorithm: Intelligent image enhancement


Video output/ Digital output: Standard PAL/ 16 bit LVCMOS

Communication interface: RS-232,UART(3.3V)

Power/ Power consumption: 9~12 VDC/ <1.8W @25 ℃

Options Lens

11mm: 20.6° x 15.5°

22mm: 10.4° x 7.8°

33mm: 6.9° x 5.2°

38mm: No

Size(HxWxD): 48x48x71mm

Weight: 178g



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