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Censtar BC-L-TN PCB缓冲输送机 (1000*790*1640mm, 50*50-445*350mm)

Dimension(L*W*H):        1000*790*1640mm

PCB size(L*W):        50*50-445*350mm        

Number of stocks:         25pcs or specify(Pitch 25mm) 

Quantity of rail:        Single rail

Belt type:        4mm flat belt  

Load bearing:        2kg/PCB

Transport height:        900±20mm(or custimzie)

Cycle time:        10 Seconds or specity

Power supply:        AC 220V±10V, 50/60HZ

Power:        Max 250VA

Air prssure:        4-6bar

Air consumption:        10itr/min max

Screen size :        7 inch 

PCB thickness :        0.6-4mm

Transport direction:        L-R or R-L

Front extension:        Yes

Cooling fan:        Yes

CE :        Yes

PLC: Yes

PLC:        Yes

Weight:        190kg


This equipment is used as a buffer between SMT machines.


1.PLC+LED touch screen control, easy to operate.

2.Use durable rollers for transmission (No need change belts).

3.Three modes of operation:FIFO ( first in first out),LIFO ( last in first out), PASS.

4.Smooth and precise width adjustment (leadscrew).

5.Fast, smooth and precise search and location.

6.Full closed design ensures safety level of operation.

7.Smaller footprint.

8.With SMEMA signal.

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